Zou Literature Society

The Zou Literature Society (Zou Lailam Saipawl in vernacular) is an organisation among the Zou’s formed to promote and develop the Zou Literature. Zou is a recognised Scheduled Tribe vide Government of India, MHA Notification No. SRO 2477A, Dated 29/10/1956; S. C. & S. T. list (Modification) Order, 1956, Manipur. They inhabit mainly Churachandpur and Chandel Districts in Manipur and also Myanmar and speak a language belonging to the Tibeto-Burman groups. The Zou Literature Society had humble beginnings with its establishment in 1956, which was then, only in name. It strive to promote and develop the Zou language and made a landmark achievement in 1991 when the Government of Manipur (Education Department) permitted the introduction of Zou language from Class I – V in the Schools in Manipur (Vide Order No. 4/35/86-ED dated 19th September, 1991). The Zou Literature Society has taken a definite concrete shape since then. The Primary level text books were already in use in our Mission Schools. These Primary text books were suitably revised and printed.  

There are some Landmark progresses and achievements of the Society:

     1.  Education Department, Government of Manipur had kindly permitted/approved introduction of Zou language in the Schools in Manipur Class I-V. An order to this effect was issued on 19th September 1991. 

     2.  The Zou Literature Society (ZLS) was registered under Society Act in 1993 (Regn. No. 504 of 1993). 

     3.  The Board of Secondary Education, Manipur (BSEM) had permitted/approved in November 2000 to introduce Zou Language as one of the Modern Indian Language (MIL) subject of 100 marks in Class IX from the academic session 2001, subject to the condition that the preparation and production of the text books of the language would be done jointly by the ZLS and the BSEM.

          Accordingly, under the guidance and in consultation with BSEM, some text books were prepared and published by the ZLS and prescribed by the Board (BSEM) from the academic session 2001-2002:

     4.  The following books published by the ZLS were prescribed by the BSEM as one paper language subject carrying 100 marks for Class X from the academic session 2002-2003:

      I.  Chinthu Zaila (Zou Literature & Reader for Class IX)

     II.  Zoulai Kuona (Zou Course Book IX)

    III.  Zou ham zahdan (Zou grammar and Composition) for class IX & X

N.B:- This Zou vernacular books (language books) were prepared on the line of communicative approach which is a new concept. Pu S. Nabachandra Singh the then Secretary of BSEM commented that “These books were first of its kind in Manipur”. 


5.         In the year 2006, Council of Higher Secondary Education, Manipur (COHSEM) had kindly permitted/approved the introduction of Zou Language as Modern Indian Language (MIL) under COHSEM in Class XI and XII. In its order No. 3/60/2004 HCS dated 9th June 2006 “Zou Language will be introduced as one of the Modern Indian Language subject with effect from the Academic session 2006-2007 in Class XI and in Class XII and in 2007-2008 under the Council of Higher Secondary Education, Manipur.  

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