Zou Literature Society [Regd. No. 504 of 1993]

Welcome to the Zou Literature Society Website

Zou Literature Society is an organisation working to promote the Zou Language in Collaboration with
United Zou Organisation, Zou Youth Organisation, Zou Script Development Society and
Zou Sangnaupang Pawlpi with Churches based
Zogal Memorial Hall,
Zoveng, Zenhang Lamka, Churachandpur as its Headquarter.

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Ahing ding Seltember 08, 2018 (Saturday) 11:00am chiengin Zogal Hall, Zoveng ah Zou Literature Society Executive Committee um ding ahia, tuanah a lunglut zousie tel chiet ding a chiel ihi uhi. Agenda: Finance Dinmun, 2. Member leptuohna, 3. MU Subject